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You dream it, we help you find it

Now that you have wisely decided to consider Los Cabos the place to invest in your future and that of your family, it is time to take action. You already know that this dynamic Baja community is safe and secure and that you are investing in the enviable Cabo lifestyle just as much as in equity, so start turning your dream into reality and take a private tour!

How to get started?

Your dedicated Baja Properties agent has anywhere from 10 to over 20 years of experience in Mexico real estate transactions. His or her local insight and understanding  of the community means that they are able to source the most suitable properties and offer valuable advice throughout the process. Once you verbalize your dream by indicating your choice of locations, type of property, size, number of bedrooms, type of desired amenities, budget, etc., your Baja Properties agent will know exactly how to parse out the jewels from marketing “noise” and find just what you are looking for. Based on your discussion, she or he will then thoughtfully arrange a customized tour of properties that match your very specific personal investment needs.

On tour day

You will visit several amazing properties matching your needs. Our agents have access to every property on the market at their fingertips through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and are respectfully welcomed at all master planned communities throughout the region such as Quivira, Pedregal, Palmilla, Club Campestre, Puerto Los Cabos or Querencia, just to name a few. The tour will be exciting, informative and memorable as your dream begins to take on a physical shape. Don’t be surprised if your agent takes you to a few special locations along the way to offer a glimpse of hidden local gems—mostly off limits to tourists, yet ready to be enjoyed for those in the know.

Make an offer!

When you find that special Los Cabos property you will know it and your agent will know just what to do next. Just like at home, an offer is tendered and the parties agree to price and terms. All financial deposits are conducted in the US and held by third party US escrow companies. The property transfer takes approximately 60-90 days, after which you will be a proud Los Cabos homeowner.

Are you ready to turn your dream into reality?

 Take the first step. Contact us and arrange a private real estate tour.