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You’ve decided that Los Cabos is the place to invest in your future, there is no reason to wait.  A dedicated Baja Property Agent, has 10 to 20+ years of experience in real estate transactions in Mexico. Our agents with extensive experience in all aspects of real estate in Mexico will guide you through all your options.

Tour Planning

After contacting us, a dedicated real estate professional will show you properties based on your requirements. They will provide all supporting documents and property details prior to your visit. Select the properties that interest you most and our agents will arrange a personal tour of these sites. Nothing beats seeing firsthand what could be part of your future Los Cabos dream. There’s nothing like having a first-hand look at what could be your future piece of the Los Cabos dream.

On Tour

Visits some special properties that meet the needs of guests. Our agents have access to all properties on the market through our Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You will be warmly welcomed in all master-planned communities throughout the region, including Quivira, Pedregal, Palmilla, Club Campestre, Puerto Los Cabos, and Querencia. The tour will be exciting, informative, and unforgettable as your dreams take shape. Don’t be surprised if your agent takes you to a few unique spots along the way, giving you a glimpse of a hidden local gem.

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Your agent knows exactly what to do when the time comes to find and act on this unique property in Los Cabos. Your agent will help you create and present your offer professionally. He will also guide you through all the many insides and outsides that come with owning real estate in Mexico. As with anywhere, a deal involves agreed prices and terms. All financial deposits are made in the United States and held in third-party trusts in the United States. Transfer of ownership takes approximately 60-90 days. Then you will be the proud owner of Los Cabos! 

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Baja Properties offers an unparalleled level of service, expertise and discretion to its clients, buyers and sellers alike in Baja California Sur.