There is no doubt that fishing in the waters off Los Cabos is awe inspiring! You never know what trolling will bring up! There are four types of fishing in the Los Cabos area and if you have time, we encourage you to experience all of them; Serious sport fishing on a charter boat- for beginners. Fishing from a panga boat made memorable in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” (nowadays the pangas have powerful motors Fly Fishing- ever caught a rooster fish on a fly? Surf casting is great in the morning hours when it’s only you and the fish. Dorado – Year Round Black Marlin – June to December Blue Marlin – June to December Striped Marlin – Year Round Rooster Fish – March to December Sail Fish – April to December Shark – Year Round Sword Fish – February to December Yellow Fin Tuna – Year Round Wahoo – May to December Yellow Tail Tuna – April to December