What to do after you close

You bought a house in Baja California Sur, congratulations! You will find that living here is a true blessing with easy and short commutes, complete medical services, endless dining and shopping opportunities… and the peacefulness of living near the beach in a secure area. But before you spend your evenings gazing at the multicolored sunsets, here are some tips and information you should consider after you’ve taken possession of your new home.

  • First and foremost: enjoy it! Get to know it and how you plan to utilize it before you make any changes or renovations. Often times after you lived in the home for a while you learn about how each room feels, what the lighting is, what are the temperatures and use for each room. You may find them to be other than your first impressions.
  • Make sure you change the name of all services (water, gas, phone line, etc) to your name.
  • Put all your original documents in a safe place. Make copies of all documents and keep an electronic file of the following items:
    1. Title and supporting documentation
    2. Passports and other identification
    3. Credit cards
    4. Insurance policies
    5. Titles to cars & arts with photos
    6. Photos of art and jewelry
  • Know when and where to make your annual Fideicomiso payments.
  • Know when and where to make your annul property tax payments. Several discount applies for early payment.
  • It is recommended to obtain a translated copy of your Fideicomiso – you can always refer back to this translation if you ever have questions.
  • Know where and when to pay your utility bills. You may be able to set up an automatic payment with your Mexican Bank for electricity, cell phone service and telephone line. Water can be pre-paid. Be sure to get receipts under your name and keep a file for those.
  • A property manager can help you with all your property monthly payments and bills, including Fideicomiso and Tax payments.
  • Have an extra set of keys made and stored in a safe place, or give it to a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Make a directory of important phone numbers – emergency, family contacts and keep it handy. Give it to your trusted friend, neighbor or property manager.
  • Obtain a Mexican will and testament – In the event of death state who will be the heirs to your personal items such as car(s), furnishings, etc.
  • If you are 60 years of age, get your INAPAM (“Old Person”) Card, this can help you get several discounts in taxes and services.


By: Lisa Welsch