Life in Los Cabos:
how to keep yourself busy year-round

Life in Los Cabos

Prospective buyers often ask what life is like in Los Cabos and Baja. It is no wonder – researching the local community and culture is just as important as securing the right property if you are serious about moving across the sea. Some people find life in Mexico too tranquil and peaceful, but we promise there is more to it than lying on the beach with a cocktail in your hand. In the end, life is what you make it. If you intend to be an active member of the neighborhood, we guarantee that there is enough to keep you busy in Los Cabos and Baja. All you have to do is reach out.

How to build your life in Mexico

Most people move here for the beach, of course. Living in Mexico is like having a vacation year-round. But one day you will get tired of just lying in the sun on your backyard. And that is when you will feel the need to get involved in the community to keep yourself occupied. But where to start? In the modern age of the Internet and social media, making friends is not hard at all. Just go on Facebook and find your community page. There you can befriend local residents and expats just like you who are looking for new acquaintances. There is always someone who likes to have parties, organize steak nights, boat outings, trips or weekly happy hour meetings. Join a few clubs, and soon enough your circle of friends will significantly increase. Just remember to be open to people and take an interest in their lives!

Give back

Once you are settled, you might want to reach out and give back to the community that has welcomed you so warmly. Luckily, there are enough fundraisers, volunteering, and charity events in Mexico you can participate in. It is also a good idea to join a local gym or take a few classes on whatever you feel interested in. Learning something new, like surfing or snorkeling, is always exciting! On Facebook, you can find a lot of hiking groups who gather every weekend to explore the beautiful Mexican nature, breathe fresh air, and chat.

What people are like in Mexico

Mexican people are very friendly. They gladly embrace expats into their communities and help make their life more comfortable. Don’t be surprised if your next door neighbor will knock on your door as soon as you move in to invite you to dinner. Don’t you refuse! Mexicans are very hospitable, and local cuisine is to die for! Local people are also extremely kind and invested in the life of the neighborhood, so whenever you need help with anything, don’t be shy to ask your friends for assistance.

Mexico has got everything you need to be happy: beautiful nature, perfect weather, sandy shores, clear blue ocean, and breathtaking landscapes. But it is the community of genuinely lovely people that makes this country such an enjoyable place to live.