The magic of the Baja lies in its amazing beauty and history. Property ownership is as alluring as the seas that surround it. But the seas and coastlines of Mexico were off limits to property ownership as a result of the revolution of 1914. With prospects of tourism an enlightened government under President Luis Echeverria Alvarez, wrote a presidential decree allowing Mexican banks to hold titles to property In Trust for foreigners. It is called a Fideicomiso and it provides for all rights of ownership as any citizen would enjoy. The term of the Trust is for 50-year periods automatically renewable by law. In other words, title to the property may rest in one beneficiary indefinitely-which protects your heirs and your investment. As purchaser of a property, you may use and enjoy, build, rent will or sell the beneficial rights in the trust anytime, conforming only the general laws of the country established for all persons. Today, U.S. Title insurance is available for properties held in trust. It assures the utmost security of your purchase as it would in the U.S. We are sure you may have some questions. Feel free to ask. Our experience is unmatched in all aspects of property ownership: resort, residential and commercial development.