Los Barriles

Los Barriles sunrise


Los Barriles provides an atmosphere perfect for owning a vacation home in Los Cabos. The area offers Old Baja Living at its best. Los Barriles is famous as a real fisherman’s paradise for its bountiful sport fishing. The swimmable beaches of Los Barriles provide a lifetime’s worth of adventure, relaxation and sport. Try an exquisite sea kayak adventure or have a blast exploring the area on ATVs. Take a hike by foot or hop on a mountain bike and retreat into the scenery of Baja. Still not tired? Take advantage of the wind and kite surfing opportunities Los Barriles has become famous for during its winter months. Define your own day in paradise in this beautiful area where the desert and mountains meet the sea.

Find all listings in Los Barriles!The real estate opportunities on the beach and nestled in the dramatic hill sides are exciting and are considerably more affordable than the rest of Los Cabos. Los Barriles offers some of the last chances to get in on the ground floor prices. You might just find the perfect property for you. Please keep in mind that the real estate market is active with demand on the rise. The list of available properties changes daily. Our team of friendly-local professionals will be happy to give you an updated list. Just let us know.

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